To The Mana Burn

When not working on finely crafted products and solutions here at Pixadecimal Towers, we like to play games. Lots of games. Board games, video games & card games. One of our long standing favourites is Magic The Gathering and a few years ago Mike knocked together a quick prototype of a life counter app to using while playing, (it saves on having lots of counters or a D20 to record life). He liked it so much that he’s been leaving away in the background polishing it up ready for release.

Just so we are clear though, this isn’t an official Wizards product, nor is it endorsed by them (but it’d be cool if it was, but it isn’t). It’s just something Mike used on his dev iPhone when out playing MtG and we though it’d be fun to push it to the app store.

It’s almost finished and we’ll upload a few more screen shots soon…

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