I’m Singing In The Rain

Living in a predominately wet country as we at Pixadecimal do; carrying a rain coat, or at the very least an umbrella between September and June comes as second nature. The majority of the time it isn’t needed but rushing for the door during the week to catch your ride to work you may not have time to check the weather properly. If only there was a simple app that could tell you if you needed your wet weather gear?

Well now there is – Rain Check.

Rain Check isn’t a weather forecast app in the traditional sense. It is a wet-ter app (see what we did there? :p). It just tells you if you should take your umbrella, and to make it even more convenient you don’t have to open the iPhone app as it also has an Apple watch glance.

We’re close to launching it but wanted to share a bit of info around what it does beforehand. So keep an eye on the site and the app store as it’ll be out very soon.

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